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If you used UltraTax CS last year to process a client's return, do not add the client to this year's application. Instead, proforma the data from last year's application to this year's application.

These steps assume that you have already configured the application, and have entered firm, preparer, reviewer, staff and PRP preparer block information.

  1. Click the New Client New Client button button in the toolbar to open the New Client dialog.
  2. In the Client ID field, enter up to eleven letters or numbers for the unique client ID.

    Note: To take advantage of the integration between UltraTax CS and Fixed Assets CS, you must use the same client ID in both applications.

  3. Select a preparer from the drop-down list.
  4. If desired, select a staff member and a reviewer from the appropriate drop-down list.
  5. If desired, select a personal preparer block or a different PRP preparer block from the drop-down list. (Note that the preparer address block will display the preparer block selected from the drop-down list.)
  6. Choose the appropriate UltraTax CS federal entity. Only the entities that you have installed are available for selection.
  7. In the EIN/SSN field, enter the client's employer identification number or Social Security number.

    Note: If the client has applied for but not yet received a number, enter a hyphen or a in this field to have UltraTax CS enter Appl'd For in this field.

  8. If you are processing this client's return with a PRP-licensed federal application, or if you have a non-network or network license and want to print a different firm name in the PRP preparer block, enter the client's authorization code in the PRP code field.
  9. To complete optional tasks such as password-protecting client data, entering information for Domestic Partner returns, choosing to use detailed asset data entry, denying integrated applications access to client data, and entering information for 1120 consolidated returns, click the Advanced Properties button.
  10. To add one or more state or city returns for the client, click the Add State(s) button and choose the desired city or state.
  11. Click OK. UltraTax CS opens the new client and displays the first input screen.


  • To change a client's ID, choose File > Rename.
  • To change any other client information, choose File > Client Properties.

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