Troubleshooting data sharing with UltraTax CS

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Data sharing allows you to automatically accept changes made to clients that share an EIN or SSN. If data sharing does not work, it may look like the following examples:

  • Prompts to accept, decline, or postpone changes do not appear
  • Certain amounts or fields are not sharing or updating

If you experience any problems using data sharing, try the following steps.

  • Verify SSNs and EINs for each client involved.
  • In UltraTax CS, print preview each client's return. The print preview process creates the files necessary for data sharing.
  • For sharing K-1 information, verify that the amount you want to share is not listed in the UltraTax CS Federal K-1 Financial Data Not Shared
  • For sharing financial information from Write-Up CS, print the W-2 and/or 1099-R. Print preview does not create the data sharing files in Write-Up CS; therefore, choose Utilities > W2 Form Processing or Utilities > 1099 Form Processing.

    Note: This process may take an extended period of time based upon the number of you have. It is recommended that you perform data sharing after business hours.

  • In each client affected, choose File > Client Properties and click the Advanced Properties button. Verify that the Exempt this client from all Data Sharing functionality and the Deny others Data Sharing access to this client options are unmarked. 
  • Choose Help > Repair. Select the client from the list and under the group of buttons for the client, click Rebuild Data Sharing. Do not click Rebuild Data Sharing under All Clients. After rebuilding data sharing print preview each client's return. 
  • Choose Setup > Office Configuration > Data Sharing tab and verify that Allow use of the data sharing feature is marked. If data sharing was turned off, wait until after business hours and choose Help > Repair and click the Rebuild Data Sharing button under All clients.

    Note:For UltraTax CS 2012 and earlier, the Allow use of the data sharing feature checkbox is located under Setup > System Configuration > Data Sharing.

  • Choose Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab and verify that the Display the Data Sharing dialog when a client is opened option is marked. 
  • Clear the local Windows temp directory.
  • Register program files. Choose Start > Run and enter the following command depending on the applications you are data sharing:

    regsvr32 X:\Program Files (X86)\Creative Solutions\Practice CS\20YY.2\Practice CS\wcis_p.dll (where YY represents the year of Practice CS)

    regsvr32 X:\WINCSI\UTYY\wcis.dll (where YY represents the year of UltraTax CS)

    regsvr32 X:\WINCSI\UTYY\wcis_k.dll

    regsvr32 X:\WINCSI\UTYY\wcis_s.dll

  • Make a change to the amount of income entered to recreate the K-1 data sharing files and then print preview the return. Change the income back to the correct amount and print preview again.

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