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You can print both standard and custom mailing labels in UltraTax CS. You can print labels for clients or taxing agencies, add specific names and addresses for customized labels, and specify the size of your custom mailing labels.

Standard mailing labels

You can print mailing labels for various clients and taxing agencies.

For more information, see Printing mailing labels for clients (individuals, shareholders, partners, and beneficiaries), Printing mailing labels for federal, state, and local (city, county, and intangibles) taxing agencies, and Generating and printing mailing labels in Data Mining.

Custom mailing labels

You can add and store custom names and addresses; then, you can quickly print your custom mailing labels at any time. You can choose from one of six common mailing label sizes, or you create and save additional sizes.

For more information, see Entering names and addresses for custom mailing labels, Printing custom mailing labels, and Adding a custom label size.

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