Printing PRP or blank preparer block information

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To leave the preparer block section of a client's return blank or to print PRP preparer block information, complete the following steps.

If you are processing the return with a standard license, you need to supply Thomson Reuters with the client's taxpayer identification number. Thomson Reuters will give you an authorization code that allows you to print the client's return with the blank or PRP preparer block. You can enter data without this authorization code, but you will be unable to print the return.

  1. Open the appropriate client and choose File > Client Properties.
  2. From the Preparer block field, select one of the following:
  3. In the PRP code field at the bottom of the dialog, enter the PRP authorization code that you received from Thomson Reuters. For details on this process, see Acquiring PRP authorization codes.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Print the return as usual. You may need to click the Print Preview button on the toolbar to see the updated PRP preparer block in forms view.


  • If desired, you can print the current date in the preparer block section.
  • Firm information will continue to appear in the signature block while viewing the return in Forms View; however, the information will not appear when previewing or printing the return. Also, if you firm has set up PRP licenses for all applications, including federal, and you want the blank preparer block for a state only return, a federal PRP code would still need to be purchased for the federal return.
  • For information on preparer block override fees, see the Fees for ELF and PRP charges incurred via CS Connect.
  • You can omit the firm information printed in the preparer block when preparing a personal return, and can print "This tax return prepared by a non-paid preparer" in the preparer block. To do so, select the personal preparer block from the Preparer block drop-down list in the File > New Client or Client Properties dialog. There is no additional fee for this preparer block.  

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