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You can send PDF versions of the preparer copy of tax returns and extensions, as well as input screens, to GoFileRoom (if licensed). Follow these steps to send documents to GoFileRoom for storage.

Before you send documents to GoFileRoom, it is beneficial to map return index settings in the UltraTax CS/GoFileRoom Configuration dialog.

  1. Choose File > Print Returns to open the Print Returns dialog.
  2. Mark the GoFileRoom checkbox. The drawer is selected in the adjacent drop-down list.

    Tip: To send documents to GoFileRoom and print documents simultaneously, mark both the Printer checkbox and the GoFileRoom checkbox. The To Drawer button becomes the Print button.

  3. In the Print what group box, select the item (for example, Tax Return) you want to send to GoFileRoom.

    Note: The options you set in the Setup > [Entity] > Tax Return > Preparer tab are used to determine the content of the copy of the tax return sent to GoFileRoom. To further customize the copy of the tax return sent to GoFileRoom, click the Options button in the Print dialog, and then click the Selected Pages tab of the Print Options dialog.

  4. Select the clients for whom you want to send the selected item.
  5. If desired, mark the Log Event checkbox and select the status event you want to log when the item is sent.
  6. Click the To Drawer button (or Print button if you marked the Printer checkbox) at the bottom of the dialog.

    Note: If you choose to print a copy of the return in addition to sending the document to GoFileRoom, you can click the Preview button to preview the item you are sending and printing. It is important to remember that clicking the Print Page or Print All buttons in the preview window does not send documents to GoFileRoom; you must click the Print button on the Print Returns dialog.

  7. Note that you must be licensed for GoFileRoom, and you will be prompted to log in to GoFileRoom after clicking the To Drawer or Print button. If the Prompt to view/verify return indexes when printing to GoFileRoom checkbox is marked in the UltraTax CS/GoFileRoom Configuration dialog, the GoFileRoom Documents dialog opens.

    Note: This checkbox is marked by default, but you can clear the checkbox. When this checkbox is marked, UltraTax CS prompts you to confirm the return index settings before documents are sent to GoFileRoom.

  8. From within the GoFileRoom Documents dialog, review the index settings. If you are satisfied with the index settings, click the To GoFileRoom button. If you need to make index setting changes, choose Setup > Office Configuration, click the GoFileRoom tab, and click the GoFileRoom Options button. Edit your settings in the UltraTax CS/GoFileRoom Configuration dialog before returning to the Print Returns dialog.

    Note: If the client information you are sending to GoFileRoom has both a federal and state return, you will need to click the To GoFileRoom button one time for each return. By default, all returns that are attached to the client are selected to be sent to GoFileRoom. To send only particular returns, use the Print Options dialog to clear the checkboxes for the returns that you do not want sent to GoFileRoom.

    The Print to GoFileRoom dialog displays the status of each return sent to GoFileRoom.

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