Enabling notifications of overruled data

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By default, any amounts that UltraTax CS copies to state input screens from federal input screens or the asset module are displayed in blue text. If preparers, reviewers, or staff members overrule those amounts, UltraTax CS displays them in black text.

You can have UltraTax CS assist the return review process by including overruled fields in the Federal Diagnostics list and by highlighting overruled fields with red chevrons. View example.

Overrule indicator

To enable this feature, complete the following steps.

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences.
  2. Click the Data Entry tab in the User Preferences dialog.
  3. Mark the Distinguish overruled input screen fields checkbox.
  4. Click OK to close the User Preference dialog.


  • After marking the Distinguish overruled input screen fields checkbox, you can open screens that contain fields that have been overruled by clicking the Navigate to Input Screen Overrules button Overrules button on the UltraTax CS toolbar.
  • When you overrule a transferred amount, UltraTax CS does not overwrite that amount with subsequent federal-to-state or asset module transfers.
  • You can delete overruled amounts and restore the original transferred amount by right-clicking the field and choosing Delete overrule.
  • To confirm the accuracy of the overruled amount, right-click the field and choose Acknowledge overruled data. UltraTax CS then disables the acknowledge functionality from the right-click menu. To restore the original amount later, enter it manually.

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