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Custom fieldviews are similar to regular fieldviews except that you determine the entries that appear in them. Setting up custom fieldviews can speed up data entry and assist you in providing a consistent look and standard spelling for all tax returns that leave your office. Fields to which you can add a custom fieldview are indicated by an arrow and a green bar to the right of the field. There are two types of custom fieldviews, linked (view example) and non-linked (view example).

  1. Because custom fieldviews are not available in form view, verify that you are in input screen view or on a noncalculating form.
  2. With the cursor located in a field with an attached custom fieldview, click the Custom Fieldview Custom Fieldview button button to open the dialog and enter a fieldview item.
  3. To add additional items, click the "Click here to add new item" text in the bottom row.
  4. Enter the item you want to add to the fieldview.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you've added all of your entries.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog. With the cursor in the field to which you added the custom fieldview entries, press F4 to see the list of your entries.

Note: You can set up custom fieldviews in any client and have the entries available in all other clients. Also, if you are on a network, the entries you add will be available to all UltraTax CS users.


  • To quickly add items to a custom fieldview, simply enter the item directly in the field. The information you enter is saved automatically, but will not automatically display in the drop-down list.
    • To view all items that you enter in the drop-down list, choose Setup > User Preferences, click the Data Entry tab, and mark the Display all custom fieldview items in drop-down list checkbox.
    • To view only some items that you enter in the drop-down list, enter the information and press CTRL+S or open the Custom Fieldview dialog and mark the Display in drop-down checkbox for each item you want to view in the drop-down list.
  • Use custom fieldviews in areas where data may be repetitive for new clients and you have local or regional common items. Examples include banks (in interest income and itemized deductions for interest fields); and colleges, churches, synagogues, and so on (in the charitable deductions area).
  • You can also enter non-statement information, such as employer names for the Wages - General Information section of Screen W2.
  • You can add an unlimited number of items to a custom fieldview.
  • Custom fieldviews that were set up in the previous year version of UltraTax CS will proforma into the current year application.

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