Inventory reconciliation (Inventory module)

Alerts and notices

See also: Inventory processing sequence

Note: The Fixed Assets Inventory module is licensed separately from Fixed Assets CS.

Inventory reconciliation is the process of reconciling the physical inventory (assets physically accounted for during the inventory) with the list of assets in the Inventory module. During the reconciliation process, you'll enter the changes, additions, and disposals that were observed during the physical inventory in the Inventory module.

Inventory statuses are used to track assets for the inventory that is currently being conducted. The following statuses indicate that an asset has been reconciled to the perpetual asset list: Found - changed, Found - not changed, Disposed, Checked out, and New. (View how Inventory module changes transfer to Fixed Assets CS.)

Note: If missing assets are not found during the physical inventory, you should enter disposal information for them.

The physical inventory has been reconciled to the perpetual asset list when the following conditions exist.

Inventory status codes will change automatically when you enter changes, additions, or disposals, or scan assets' barcode labels, in the Inventory Asset List window. You can modify assets for mass changes to associations, situses, or activities within the Inventory module using the Tasks > Reassign Assets command.