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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
08/21/17 Document Management 16.1.6 Notice 08/23/17 ADOBE ISSUE Adobe DC release 2017.012.20095

Adobe DC released version 2017.12.20095 which might cause GoFileRoom Add-in to disappear in Adobe DC. This is not a GoFileRoom issue. Please see the Adobe forum below. You may need to contact Adobe support or uninstall and reinstall Adobe DC to resolve the issue.


06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

04/04/17 Utilities 16.1.4 Fixed 12/11/17 16.2.0 Misleading error message when logging in via utilities

When your GoFileRoom password has expired, you will not be able to change your password when logging into GoFileRoom via a utility (such as the Quick Launch). The utility will display an error message indicating that your password is incorrect, when it really is expired. You will need to log into GoFileRoom via Internet Explorer, change your password, and then you will be able to log in as you typically do.

01/27/17 Platform N/A FYI 01/27/17 N/A NetClient phishing email
If a user reports that they or their client(s) received a suspicious email about NetClient, refer the user to Protecting your firm and clients against phishing scams and instruct them to report this to the IRS. See the “Help Catch the Culprits – Report Phishing Attempts” section at the bottom of the HHTC topic for instructions on how to report.
10/18/16 Document Management 16.1.1 Verified 02/20/17 Fixed for Office 2010 and 2013 Edit option grayed out when attempting to edit MS Word or Excel files

When attempting to edit a document from MS Word or Excel (fixed for Office 2010 and 2013; still outstanding for Office 2016 and Windows 10), the option is grayed out. If this is the case, please verify permissions for the Windows profile, as well as the items on the GoFileRoom setup checklist and troubleshooting guidelines, paying particular attention to settings in IE and the items within View Browser Requirements on the GoFileRoom login screen. Additionally, ensure there are no add-in conflicts (such as the Send to Bluetooth add-in within COM add-ins).

Once all above troubleshooting has been done, please review Salesforce ticket 00935501 for additional steps. Also review TFS 1010197. The registry key fixes within that TFS can be found in this INTERNAL ONLY H&HTC topic: http://cs.thomsonreuters.com/ua/gfr/cs_us_en/kb_internal/edit-button-unavailable-in-internet-explorer-after-it-checklist-completed.htm