Using the Applied Amounts dialog

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Use the Applied Amounts dialog to allocate the amount of a client's payment, or an adjustment, to a client's outstanding invoices. If your firm is licensed for NetClient CS, and you have printed your invoices to NetClient CS, you can mark invoices as paid or unpaid, or remove invoices from NetClient CS.

Note: If you are entering an adjustment for a non-sufficient funds check, see Using the ACH/Check Selection dialog.

To open this dialog, click the More More button button next to the Applied field during receipt entry or adjustment entry.

The Entry Information section at the bottom of the dialog shows the client, the receipt type (check, credit card, and so on), and the amount of the receipt or adjustment you are entering. The grid above lists all of the client's outstanding invoices (or receipts for Non-Sufficient Funds entries). Mark the Include zero balance AR items checkbox if you want to include zero-balance items.

Choose one of the methods below to apply the amount of the payment or adjustment to the client's invoices.

When finished, click OK to close the Applied Amounts dialog and return to Receipt & Adjustment Entry.

Note: The Applied Amounts dialog is not available for Debit Memo or Credit Card Return entries. For Non-Sufficient Funds entries, the dialog is titled Check Selection.

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