Checking credit card payment status and confirmation number of a transaction

Alerts and notices

This article explains the various transaction statuses of credit card payments sent through Practice CS to Kotapay. If you're not sure how to enter a credit card transaction, see Entering credit card and ACH payments.

Transmission status

Once you submit a credit card transaction, the information you entered needs to be transmitted to Kotapay. If the transmission is successful, you'll see a confirmation message. Show dialog


If you don't see this message or receive an error, look for a solution in the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of the ACH and Credit Card overview.

Transaction status

Once the payment information is successfully transmitted to Kotapay, the transaction itself will be Accepted, Pending, or Rejected. You can quickly determine the status of a credit card transaction from the icon that appears to the left of the CC receipt in Practice CS:

Accepted - Accepted

Pending - Pending

- Rejected

A yellow warning icon appears to the left of the transaction until the submission has been accepted. The transaction should only take a few sections to update. 

See details on transaction

To view the details of the transaction:

  1. Right-click the receipt in Practice CS
  2. Choose View Results.
  3. Click the View Details button.


The Transaction ID works as a confirmation number or a tracking number if you need to speak with Kotapay about a transaction. If the transaction was rejected for any reason, the approval code will be blank.

Accepted transactions

Once a transaction is accepted, you can print a receipt. The confirmation number, or Transaction ID, will print on the receipt.

Pending or stuck transactions

If the yellow warning icon doesn't go away, if the transaction is pending for too long, or if you just want an update on the status, contact Kotapay at 800.378.3328. Once the transaction has been submitted to Kotapay, we rely on Kotapay to send back the status, so Practice CS Support may not be able to assist with pending or stuck transactions until you speak with Kotapay.

Rejected transactions

If a transaction is rejected: 

  1. Right-click the receipt in Practice CS
  2. Choose View Results.
  3. Click the View Details button.
  4. If you still have questions, contact Kotapay at 800.378.3328. They may be able to tell you more about the rejection.

Options to resubmit or resolve errors

When you view results on a transaction, you have a few options. You should speak with Kotapay before resubmitting a transaction or choosing to resolve a communication error.

  • Resubmit Credit Card: Sends the credit card information to Kotapay again. You'd use this after resolving any issues that caused the payment not to process the first time.
  • View Results: Shows more information about the status of the transaction. You might use this when talking to Kotapay so they know what happened on our end.
  • Resolve Communication Error: Resolves a transaction that was lost due to a communication error. This option is only available if there was a communication error.

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