Accounts Receivable service overview

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When you enable the Accounts Receivable service for a client, several additional options - including invoice printing, finance charge assessments, and AR reports - are available. You can process receivables for your clients, or you can set up your clients to process receivables themselves through Accounting CS Client Access.


For a graphical representation of the AR setup process, see the accounts receivable setup workflow.

Setting up clients for accounts receivable processing

Enabling the Accounts Receivable service for client staff

Setting up accounts receivable customers

Setting up invoice items

Setting up payment terms

Setting up finance charges

Setting up sales taxes

Setting up transaction templates (for deposit and invoice templates)


For a graphical representation of a sample AR processing procedure, see the accounts receivable processing workflow.

Entering customer invoices

Printing customer invoices and statements

Recording customer payments

Applying customer payments

Entering customer deposits

Assessing finance charges

Unapplying payments from a customer invoice

Changing the AR date

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