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If your firm's licenses require an additional login to access Bank Feeds, Accounting CS opens the CS Professional Suite Sign In dialog when you access Bank Feeds features in either of the following locations.

The login information to use depends on the applications your firm uses. To determine which login information to use in this dialog, look for the <application name> Security Help link below the login fields. Show me.

Multi-factor authentication
  • <Onvio> – Use your Onvio account login.
  • <CS Professional Suite> – Use your Thomson Reuters ID and password.

For details, see Using your CS Professional Suite or Onvio login to access Accounting CS Bank Feeds.

As a safety measure, you may be required to enter additional login information to access Bank Feeds. The table below lists the account information you need to use.

Installation location Licensed for Onvio Licensed for NetFirm CS Login information for
opening Accounting CS
Login information for
accessing Bank Feeds
Desktop Check mark Check mark NetStaff CS Onvio
Desktop Check mark Onvio No additional authorization required
Desktop Check mark NetStaff CS Thomson Reuters ID and password
Desktop Thomson Reuters ID and password No additional authorization required
Virtual Office CS Check mark Check mark NetStaff CS Onvio
Virtual Office CS Check mark NetStaff CS Thomson Reuters ID and password

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Internal only

Click here to view a workflow that shows which credentials to use for accessing Bank Feeds when running the desktop version of Accounting CS.