Bank Feeds Dashboard

Alerts and notices

The Bank Feeds Dashboard provides information on financial account activity (checking account, savings account, other bank account, or credit card account) for your clients who have linked their accounts to Accounting CS and enables you to import transactions directly from the client’s financial institution into Accounting CS. If the client's financial institution doesn't support the direct import of transactions or if you need to import transactions that fall outside the dates supported by the Bank Feeds feature, you can download the client's transactions to a file, and then import the transactions from the file.

Choose View > Bank Feeds Dashboard.

Available portlets

By default, the Bank Feeds Dashboard includes the Bank Feeds, Client Bank Status, and Firm Bank Status portlets. You can remove any or all of them.

Portlet name Function
Bank Feeds Enables you to view the transactions retrieved from the client's financial account and approve the ones you want to import into Accounting CS.

For details, see the Bank Feeds portlet.

Client Bank Status Gives you a quick snapshot of the your clients' financial health and the status of the account connectivity to Accounting CS.

For details, see the Client Bank Status portlet.

Firm Bank Status Displays all your clients' financial accounts and the status of connectivity to Accounting CS. From here, you can initiate account linking for any account that is not already linked.

For details, see the Firm Bank Status portlet.

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