Consolidating client accounting data overview

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The ability to consolidate clients in Accounting CS enables you to combine account and balance data from multiple subsidiary client records into one master client record, while retaining data in the original client records. You can use the consolidated client data for reporting purposes and for making cross-company comparisons. You can also run diagnostics to list any subsidiaries that have changed since the consolidation - accounts added or deleted; account balance changes; account grouping and/or tax code assignment change.

Special information

  • Each subsidiary client can be associated with only one master client.
  • You cannot set up clients who use Accounting CS Client Access as master clients.
  • You cannot consolidate data for a master client into another master client.
  • After you create a client record, you cannot change the master client status of that client. All master clients remain master clients and all non-master clients remain non-master clients.
  • The client selection list includes only those clients that are not associated with another master client and that meet the consolidation requirements (same fiscal year end and same period frequency). The client selection list does not include any clients for whom there is a date entered in the Inactive date field in the Main tab of the Setup > Clients screen.
  • You cannot enter or import client data into a master client record. You must enter or import the information in the subsidiary client records before you create the consolidated master client.
  • The option to create a master client is unavailable if other services are selected for the client.
  • You can remove subsidiary clients from the master client data by first clearing the checkbox for that subsidiary client in the Consolidate Clients screen and then reconsolidating the master client.
  • For clients converted from Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA): You can select a converted client as a subsidiary client in the Actions > Consolidate Clients screen. If the converted client was a master client in CSA, that client will be considered a normal client in Accounting CS, not a master client. Master clients must be created as new clients in Accounting CS.

Procedures and examples

The following topics walk you through the process of consolidating and reconsolidating client data, and includes examples of consolidated account numbers and account balances.

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