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Use the Direct Deposit tab of the Vendors screen to specify the tax period frequency for tax agent vendors, to specify direct deposit allocation for vendors, to enter direct deposit tax payment additional information, and to enter a client's taxpayer ID for EFTPS payments.

For vendors that are tax agents, direct deposit information cannot be modified from this screen. The Direct Deposit Allocation section reflects information entered on the Setup > Firm Information > Tax Agents > Direct Deposit tab.

Choose Setup > Vendors and then click the Direct Deposit tab.

Fields & buttons

Tax agents only - Select the tax period frequency for this vendor. Choose either Annually, Monthly, or Quarterly.

For vendors, net pay is either printed as a check or direct deposited. Partial direct deposit is not supported for vendors.

Specify the following direct deposit allocation information.


The following is an example of the two different distribution methods (total distribution vs. remainder of distribution) for direct deposit amounts for vendors.

With a net pay of $3,000.00:

Total Remainder
Savings = Amount $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Checking 1 = Percent 80% $2,000.00 $1,600.00
Checking 2 = Percent 20% or blank $400.00

The last allocation in the Direct deposit allocation grid with an "Approved" status will always use all the remaining funds, regardless of the Amount/Percent setup.

Note: Former CSA users - In CSA, the total distribution method was the only method. The remainder of distribution method is new with Accounting CS.

  • Direct deposit allocation grid. Use the grid to specify the bank information to be used. You can use the Delete button, Up arrow button and Down arrow button buttons to delete or move rows in the grid.
  • For vendors that are not tax agents - If you are using International ACH Transactions (IAT), click the Ellipsis button button in the IAT column to open the IAT Details dialog, where you can specify that this direct deposit allocation uses international format and set up the US gateway operator and destination country information.

  • Paycard recipient. If the vendor is a paycard recipient, mark the checkbox.
  • Taxpayer ID number. Choose one of the options to use as the Taxpayer ID number. If you choose Other, enter the number you want to use.
  • Optional taxpayer verification. If this vendor or agent requires a taxpayer verification code, enter it here.
  • State/local tax type code. Enter the tax type code provided by the vendor/agent for the tax type applicable to this vendor/agent.
  • State/local amount type code 1,2,3. If you need a selection other than the default code "T," click the Ellipsis button button to open the Edit State/Local Amount Tax Codes dialog, where you can select amount type codes 1-3.

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