State and local ACH/EFT payment information

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The application provides comprehensive ACH/EFT payment capabilities to allow you to submit state and local payroll taxes electronically. Once you have completed the initial setup and received authorization from the jurisdiction, you can use the application to create ACH Credit files, which can be transmitted by your bank, ensuring that your state or local tax payments are received in a timely manner.

Note: The application does not create ACH Debit files, but most states do accept these types of tax payments. ACH Debit payments can usually be initiated using the state's website or by telephone.

Links to state and local requirements for authorization

Most states and localities require you to obtain authorization prior to the transmission of ACH Credit or Debit files and will need to provide you with bank routing numbers, bank account numbers, and addenda record formats once you have been approved.

For state-specific registration and authorization information, visit the State-specific payroll tax form information article. For information on ACH/EFT payments for local withholding, click one of the links below.

Kentucky localities

Ohio localities

Pennsylvania localities

Setting up to create ACH/EFT payments

The following topics will help guide you through the process of setting up your bank account and agent information for creating ACH/EFT payments.

Note: The jurisdiction(s) will provide you with bank routing numbers, account numbers, and addenda record formats when authorization is approved. Because of this, all bank accounts added to the tax agents for ACH Credit purposes are set to Prenote status. Once you receive authorization and the state or locality has provided their bank account and routing number information, this data should be verified in the Tax Agents screen and the bank account should then be set to Approved status.

Adding a bank for direct deposit

Adding a direct deposit bank account

Adding direct deposit information for vendors or agents

Entering and printing checks for direct deposit

Creating ACH files

Managing direct deposit files

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