Enter Transactions screen - Deposit summary memos

Use Deposit summary memo transactions to create one-sided debit distributions to offset deposits and AR deposits. Accounting CS calculates the amount required to offset the deposits for the selected bank account, journal, and posting period, and enters that amount in the Amount field.

Deposit summary memo transactions are beneficial on transaction-based reports, such as the General Ledger reports, to display lump sum debit distributions, instead of displaying each deposit individually.

Choose Actions > Enter Transactions and select Deposit summary memo from the Type drop-down list.

Note: The Enter Transactions screen must be in Journal data-entry mode (as set up in the Enter Transactions Options dialog) in order to create deposit summary memos. The Deposit summary memo type will not be available if the Enter Transactions screen is in Bank Account mode.

Tabbed pages in this screen

View detailed information about the transactions that are being offset by the deposit summary memo in this tabbed page. You cannot modify the transaction information in any cells, but you can delete entire rows for any deposits or AR deposits you do not want to include in the deposit summary memo.

Enter miscellaneous information that may be helpful when you are reviewing this deposit summary memo transaction. If you enter any information in this tab, the application displays an icon in the Notes Note icon column for the transaction.

This tab displays the date and time that an action was taken on the deposit summary memo transaction and the ID and name of the staff person who took the action.

Fields & buttons

Enter the reference number for the deposit summary memo.

(Required) Enter the transaction date.

Enter a description for the deposit summary memo.

Displays the transaction amount, which is the sum of all deposits and AR deposits for the selected bank account, journal, and posting period. The amount is read-only and the application will update it automatically if you remove rows from the Distributions grid, or if the transactions included in the deposit summary memo are later modified or deleted.

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