Updating the Client Access Processing Notifications portlet

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Use the Client Access Processing Notifications portlet in the View > Firm Dashboard screen to view information on specific actions that the client staff members have completed in Accounting CS Client Access. When a client staff member completes any of the following actions, Accounting CS Client Access creates an event record, and Accounting CS displays this event as a notification in this portlet.

  • Changes their posting period
  • Enters batch payroll checks
  • Adds a note to a transaction
  • Finalizes a bank account reconciliation

Follow these steps to assign an event to a staff member and to change the status of an event.

  1. By default, the Client Access Processing Notifications portlet displays all notifications that have not yet been assigned to a staff member. To filter this list, you can select a different filter in the primary screen filter field in the upper-right corner. The filter you select here determines which notifications are displayed in this screen.
    • Not Reviewed Notifications
    • In Review Notifications
    • Dismissed Notifications
    • Unassigned Notifications
    • Not Reviewed and In Review Notifications

    Note: You can further filter the list by clicking the Filter button button next to the Search field and specifying filter criteria. For information, see Searching and filtering data.

  2. Review the information on each notification, including the client ID and name, the action taken in the client's office, the client staff member who completed the action, the date and time the action was taken, and the details on the action.
  3. In the Staff Assignment field, select the staff member to review the event. The drop-down list includes all staff members who have access to the client for which the notification was generated.
  4. By default, each new notification has a status of Not reviewed. You can change the status to In review or Dismissed.
  5. To add specific notes about an event, click the Ellipsis button in the last column for that event to open the Notification Details dialog, where you can enter detailed notes about the event. You can also assign the event to a staff member and change the status in this dialog. If you modify information in the Assigned to or Status field, the application updates that information in the grid in the Client Access Processing Notifications portlet.

    Note: When you assign an event to a staff member or change the status of an event, the application creates an event in the Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Events tab.

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