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Use this tab to grant client staff members access to the appropriate client records when using Accounting CS Client Access.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Client Staff and click the Client Access tab.


  • Accounting CS and Accounting CS Client Access share a common database; therefore, if your clients will use Accounting CS Client Access, you must run both Accounting CS and Accounting CS Client Access in a hosted environment — either through our servers using Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service or through your firm’s own hosted environment.
  • A client staff member who has been assigned to a client security group can perform only those tasks that have been granted to that group, as shown in the Setup > Firm Information > Client Staff > Security tab.
  • The grid in this tab includes columns for the Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable services. The application marks the checkbox in these columns based on the services that are listed in the Services section of the Setup > Clients > Main tab. The column headings include a ($) notation to indicate that the service incurs an additional charge. If you enable the Client Accounting service that includes Check Writing, AP, and AR or the Full Service Bundle that includes Check Writing, Payroll, AP, and AR, there is no additional charge for the individual modules even though the column displays the ($) indicator.

Fields & buttons

Select a client staff ID from the Client Staff list, and then click the Edit button. In the grid, mark the checkbox for each client record for which you want that staff member to have access in Accounting CS Client Access.

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