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Use this screen to enter identification, contact, and preparer information for staff members of your firm, assign staff to security groups, and set up custom fields.


  • Starting with Accounting CS version 2016.4.0, you will be required to sign in to Accounting CS with your Thomson Reuters ID and password or your NetStaff CS account login (for firms that are licensed for NetFirm CS) before you log in to the application. The IRS has mandated that tax-related software providers add extra security measures to protect valuable client information. For detailed information about this added security, see CS Professional Suite application security overview.
  • The Security tab is available only when the Enable firm security checkbox is marked in the Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences tab. After you enable firm security, you must exit the application and then reopen it for the new setting to take effect.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Staff.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Main tab

Security tab

Custom Fields tab

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