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After first setting up security groups for your firm (in the in the Setup > Firm Information > Security Groups screen), use the Security tab of the Staff screen to assign staff members to the appropriate security groups.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Staff and click the Security tab.

Note: As a one-time initial step, you must first mark the Enable firm security checkbox in the Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences tab to enable firm security. If the checkbox is not marked, the Security tab on Setup > Firm Information > Staff tab is unavailable.

Fields & buttons

Mark or clear the checkboxes to include or exclude the selected staff from the groups.

Staff members can be assigned to more than one security group. The group with the highest security privileges overrides the groups with less privileges, so that all privileges are combined for a staff member assigned to more than one group in the application.

View the privileges that have been assigned to the group for each of the available tabs. You cannot modify the settings in these tabs. You can modify the privilege selections for a security group in the Setup > Firm Information > Security Groups screen.

An administrator or staff with appropriate privileges can click the Reset Password button to automatically prompt the selected staff member to change their password the next time they open the application.

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