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This overview provides procedures for setting up staff records, assigning staff to security groups, resetting staff passwords, and deleting staff records.

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Entering basic identification and contact information

Basic identification and contact information for staff are entered on the Main tab of the Staff screen.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Staff. The Main tab is displayed by default.
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Staff screen.
  3. In the Identification section, enter the staff ID (required), EIN or SSN, name (last name required), and title.
  4. To include a staff photograph, click the photo icon and click the Insert button in the Insert Image - Photograph dialog. Browse to find and insert the picture, and then click Done.
  5. In the Addresses section, enter the address for the staff member.


    • An email address is required for staff members to set up their NetStaff portal when using Accounting CS on Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS).
    • Use the Address verification feature (click the Address Verification Location button button) to enter the city, state, and ZIP code.
    • You can enter three addresses—Business, Home, or Other—by clicking the Selection Selection button button to select one of the options.
    • Specify an address as the mailing address by marking the Mailing address checkbox.
  6. In the Phone and fax numbers section, enter the phone and fax number information for the staff member.

    Note: You can enter multiple phone numbers for the staff member by clicking the Selection Selection button button.

  7. In the Email and web addresses section, enter the staff member's email address and website URL, if appropriate.

    Note: Once information has been entered, clicking the Email Email button button will open your default email client with this address in the To: line and clicking the Website Website button button will automatically open the specified website using your default browser.

  8. In the Additional Contacts section, you can click the ellipsis Ellipsis button button to open the Additional Contacts screen and enter an unlimited number of additional contact people. All contacts will display in the Additional Contacts section separated by commas.
  9. If the staff member is a payroll form preparer, mark the checkbox and enter the PTIN and third party designee PIN to be associated with this staff member when they are preparing payroll forms.
  10. In the NetStaff CS Access section, click the ellipsis button to open the NetStaff User Account dialog and mark the checkbox next to the NetStaff account for the staff member. (This field is required when the staff member is using the File Exchange Documents portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard.)

Assigning staff to security groups

The firm administrator (or staff member with security permission to add and edit staff information) may enter new staff information. After the basic staff information is set up on the Main tab, click the Security tab to assign a staff member to a security group. Staff can log in to the application and maintain their own personal information, if they have security permission to do so.

Note: Staff passwords are not set up prior to the first login by the staff member.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Staff and click the Security tab.
  2. Mark the checkbox next to the security groups to which the staff member should be assigned.
  3. Click enter to save your changes.

Note: The new staff member is automatically prompted to create a new password when they enter their Staff ID in the login screen for the first time.

Resetting passwords

An administrator or staff with appropriate privileges can click the Reset Password button on the Security tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Staff screen to automatically prompt an existing staff member to change their password the next time they open the application.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Staff.
  2. In the Staff screen, click the Security tab.
  3. Highlight the staff ID and click Edit.
  4. Click the Reset Password button.

The next time the staff member opens the application, he or she will be prompted to enter a new password.

Deleting staff records

  1. In the Staff screen, click the staff member you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. At the prompt, click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the staff member.


  • If security is enabled for your firm, you cannot delete the last staff member who holds administrator status. Set up another staff member as an administrator before continuing with the deletion.
  • A Staff ID cannot be deleted after it has been used to open the application, been assigned to any client records (e.g., client staff assignment), or associated with setup functions such as, application login, client setup information, transaction entry, and so forth.

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