Staff setup overview

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After you enter information about your firm, you can enter information about each of your firm's staff members who will use the application. Staff members can also set options for the application to make it efficient and easy.

The following procedures explain how to enter and set up various types of staff information. We recommend setting up your staff information in the order listed below.

  1. CS Web account (for access to all CS Professional Suite applications). See CS Professional Suite application security overview for important information on IRS-mandated security requirements for all tax-related software for professionals.
  2. Staff security (security groups and privileges)
  3. Basic staff information (identification, contact information, passwords)
  4. Staff-level user preferences (options and features used by the staff to customize the application for their individual preferences)
  5. Data file locations (default locations for integration with other applications, file creation, and import and export data)

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