Exporting invoices to Practice CS

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Accounting CS enables you to export finalized invoices to Practice CS.

By default, the ability to export invoices to Practice CS is disabled. To enable the export functionality, choose Setup > File Locations, click the CS Professional Suite tab, and specify the Practice CS data location for the application to save the exported invoices file. Note that the location you specify cannot be the default C:\ location.

Note: For details on working with integrated invoices in Practice CS, search on Invoices in the Practice CS help.

Manually exporting invoices

  1. In Accounting CS, choose File > Print Billing Invoices and click the Finalized tab.
  2. Mark the checkbox for each invoice that you want export to Practice CS.
  3. Click the Export to Practice CS button. The application exports the selected invoices; Practice CS immediately detects the exported invoices and retrieves them.
  4. In Practice CS, choose Actions > Billing and click the Integrated Invoices tab. The tabbed page displays a list of invoices that were exported. from Accounting CS.
  5. To accept an exported invoice in Practice CS, mark the checkbox for that invoice and click the Accept Selected button. To remove an exported invoice from Practice CS, mark the checkbox for that invoice and click the Reject Selected button.

Automatically exporting invoices

Mark the Automatically export finalized invoices checkbox in the Practice CS Options section in the Preferences tab of the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen to have the application automatically export the following invoices when the Create fee as final checkbox is marked for the fees on the invoice.

  • Invoices created in the Add Fee dialog.
  • Invoices created when vendor checks are printed.
  • Invoices created when payroll forms are printed.
  • Invoices created via Complete Payroll Output.


  • The application does not automatically export invoices printed from the Finalized tab of the File > Print Billing Invoices screen.
  • After the invoices have been printed from the File > Print Billing Invoices screen, the application displays a prompt asking if all invoices printed successfully. If you click No in the prompt, the application opens the Printing Confirmation dialog. If you select any invoices in this dialog, the application will not export those invoices.

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