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In the Print Billing Invoices screen, you can view and print the outstanding invoices for all clients, add or delete a fee, export finalized billing invoices to Practice CS, and view or reprint billing invoices that have been printed or created as final invoices. You can also correct errors on a printed or finalized billing invoice or delete specific fees by returning the invoice to an unprinted state and then making corrections to the unprinted invoice.

Choose File > Print Billing Invoices.

To specify the description, starting reference, and layout information for unprinted invoices listed in the Print Billing Invoices screen, choose Edit > Options to open the Print Billing Invoices Options dialog.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Unprinted tab

Finalized tab

Fields & buttons

The Add Fee button is available only when the Unprinted tab is active. Click this button to open the Add Fee dialog, where you can add new fees to the grid on the fly.

The Revert button is available only when the Finalized tab is active. Click this button to revert the selected finalized invoices to the unprinted state.

The Export to Practice CS button is available only when the Finalized tab is active and a data location (other than the default C:\ location) has been set up for Practice CS in the CS Professional Suite tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog. Click this button to export the selected finalized invoices; Practice CS will then retrieve those invoices, and you can select which invoices to keep.

When you have marked the checkboxes for all of the invoices and the fees you want them to include, click the Print button to print the selected invoices. Note that only the selections in the active tab (Unprinted or Finalized) will be printed.

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