Exporting client data to Lacerte, ProSystem fx, or ProSeries for tax reporting

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In addition to using tax codes to integrate with UltraTax CS, licensed users of Accounting CS can export account numbers, account descriptions, and balances to the following tax applications.

The tax data export feature is available for the following entity types: 1120, 1120S, 1065, 990 Exempt, and (for Lacerte and ProSeries only) 990 Private Foundation.

  1. Choose File > Export > Client Data.
  2. In the Export Client Data Wizard, select the client from the drop-down list or mark the Perform batch export of client data checkbox to select multiple clients. (You can choose multiple clients on the next screen when this checkbox is marked.)
  3. Select the application ( Lacerte, ProSystem fx, or ProSeries) to which the data file will be exported.
  4. Enter the path or browse to the client data file. (The default data file location for each export type can be defined in the Export Data tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog.)
  5. Specify the tax year of the data to be exported by selecting it from the F4 drop-down list.
  6. For Lacerte or ProSystem fx only: Choose the balance type (Tax or Adjusted) to specify the type of information to export.
  7. For Lacerte or ProSystem fx only: To export balance sheet information in itemized rather than summarized format, choose the Detail (rather than the Summary) option.
  8. For Lacerte only: If the client's prior-year balances are to be included in the export file, mark the Include prior year balances checkbox.
  9. For a single-client export: Click the Export button to create the export file for the selected client and then view or print the Tax Export Diagnostic report.
  10. For a batch export: Click the Next button to select multiple clients for batch processing, click the Export button to create the export files for the selected clients, and then view or print the Tax Export Diagnostic report.

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