Converting client data from CSA to Accounting CS: multi-client conversion

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When converting client data from Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) to Accounting CS, you can choose to perform a custom conversion or a standard conversion. This topic focuses on the standard conversion. With a standard conversion, you can convert data for multiple clients at the same time.

Unlike the custom conversion, the multi-client conversion option does not enable you to convert and map specific items that are unique to the client. For example, in the custom conversion for Accounting CS Payroll clients, you can convert payroll items, accruable benefits, and map addresses for clients and employees. We also recommend using a custom conversion in Accounting CS so that you can assign classification codes and subcodes to each GL account in the client and import employee earnings.

  1. In CSA, be sure that the client for which you want to convert data is closed.
  2. In Accounting CS, choose File > Import > CS Professional Suite Accounting Conversion.
  3. In the Source Data screen, specify the locations of your CSA system and client data files.
  4. Click the Clients option and clear the Perform a custom conversion of data checkbox in the Data Type section. Click Next.
  5. In the Source Data - Clients screen, mark the checkbox for each client to convert, and then click Next.

    Note: If the client you want to convert is not listed in this screen, check the following:

    • Click the Back button and verify that the client data location is correct.
    • If the client has previously been converted, you must either delete the client record from Accounting CS or rename the existing client in Accounting CS.
    • If the client has not previously been converted, verify that the client ID is not already being used by another Accounting CS client.
  6. In each tabbed page in the Modules screen, clear the checkbox for each type of data that you do not want to import. (By default, all checkboxes are marked.) Click Next to continue.


    • The tabbed pages that are available depend on the modules that are enabled for the client in CSA.
    • The application converts all payroll earnings for the client into the same checkbook.
  7. If you are converting an Engagement CS client, the Data Mapping - Staff screen opens. For each CSA staff member in the grid, you must select a corresponding Accounting CS staff member.
  8. Click Finish. The application converts two years of payroll data and up to ten years of GL data for each selected client.
  9. After the conversion is complete, the application displays a diagnostic window that lists any issues it encountered during the conversion. Review this information and address any issues.

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