Accounting CS enrollment rejections

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Occasionally you may encounter an enrollment rejection after submitting the initial file. Using an incorrect pin, EIN, or social security number can cause an enrollment file to be rejected.  You can correct the enrollment and resubmit the file after the original enrollment file is cleared on our servers by one of our Technical Support Representatives.  

Contact our Support Department to ask a representative to start the process to clear the rejection.

You can find the status of enrollment rejections in the following screens.


You receive a rejection with the rejection rule R0000-157, which reads: "Database Validation Error: /Return/ReturnHeader/OnlineFilerPINGrp/OnlineFilerPIN: If 'OnlineFilerPIN' is present in the Return Header, it must match the e-File Database for the EIN it is filed for. (value #######, rule R0000-157)". Use the following steps to correct this rejection:

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click on the Payroll Taxes tab for the client.
  2. In the Forms section, click the Additional Information button next to Federal 94X.
  3. In the Client PIN section, have your client re-enter their PIN and confirm it.
  4. Click OK and Enter to save the changes.
  5. Choose Actions > Enroll > 94X Client PIN and then click the Manage PINs button.

    If the status says "Accepted", contact our Support Department and ask the representative to clear the enrollment file for this client ID.

    If the status is "Rejected" with any message other than a duplicate registration, re-transmit the form for that client.

    If the status is "Rejected" with a duplicate registration message, contact the IRS before you re-transmit the form for that client.

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Internal only

Note: The user can resubmit the corrected enrollment file after the original enrollment is cleared in connect. If the status of the enrollment is "Accepted" but contains incorrect client information, speak to a CF to have the original rejection file cleared. (CFs - instructions on your Connect Permissions for Call Facilitators can be found on the CF HUB: Accounting, Practice & GFR CFs).

For a PIN file(s) that is more than 6 months old:

Visit the CF for approval. After the CF rejects the pin file in CS connect, you'll need to run the script (in the CLIENT-SPECIFIC approved scripts folder) called: ACS_DELETEFEDERALPINFILES

This script deletes all PIN statuses for that client in ACS.


If the status says "Rejected, duplicate transaction", the customer needs to call the IRS.

Important! Code these calls as Customer Service so the customer will not be billed.