International ACH File - Entry detail record

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The File Header Record is included once at the beginning of each International (IAT) format ACH file and includes the following information (position numbers are listed in parentheses).

Field Name Contents (and position numbers)
Record Type Code

The numeral 6.
(01-01) 1 numeric.

Transaction Code

Determined by the nature of the transaction and the contents of the Checking / Savings field.
(02-03) 2 numeric.

The possible entries are:

  • 22, Checking Credit Live
  • 23, Checking Credit Prenote
  • 24, Checking Credit Zero Dollar with Remittance Data
  • 27, Checking Debit Live
  • 28, Checking Debit Prenote
  • 29, Checking Debit Zero Dollar with Remittance Data
  • 32, Savings Credit Live
  • 33, Savings Credit Prenote
  • 34, Savings Credit Zero Dollar with Remittance Data
  • 37, Savings Debit Live
  • 38, Savings Debit Prenote
  • 39, Savings Debit Zero Dollar with Remittance Data
GO Identification / Receiving DFI Identification

The first 8 digits of the 9-digit bank routing number associated with the bank selected in the US Gateway Operator field of the IAT Details dialog.
(04-11) 8 numeric.

Check Digit

The last digit of the nine-digit bank routing number associated with the bank selected in the US Gateway Operator field of the IAT Details dialog.
(12-12) 1 numeric.

Number of Addenda Records

This number represents the number of addenda records associated with the Entry Detail Record.
(13-16) 4 numeric.


(17-29) 13 alphanumeric.


The amount calculated by the application for this transaction for this account distribution. Note: The value in this field is always reflected in U.S. Dollars.
(30-39) 10 numeric.

Foreign Receiver's Account Number / DFI Account Number

The number entered in the Account Number field on the Direct Deposit tab of the Setup > Employees or Setup > Vendors screen.
(40-74) 35 alphanumeric.


(75-76) 2 alphanumeric.

Gateway Operator OFAC Screening Indicator

Blank. On an outbound IAT entry, this field will be left blank.
(77-77) 1 alphanumeric.

Secondary OFAC Screening Indicator

Blank. Completed by the corresponding bank or other third-party service provider.
(78-78) 1 alphanumeric.

Addenda Record Indicator

The numeral 1, which indicates that one or more addenda records follow.
(79-79) 1 numeric.

Trace Number

Based on the bank routing number associated with the bank selected in the Originator bank field entered on the Direct Deposit tab (or the Client Direct Deposit tab, if applicable) of the Bank Accounts dialog. This is a 15-digit number in which positions 1-8 are the first eight digits of the originator's routing number, and positions 9-15 are numbers assigned in ascending order to each transaction within the Company / Batch Header Record. Note: Provisions should be made to avoid duplication of Trace Numbers in the same ACH file
(80-94) 15 numeric.

See also: International ACH file structure and contents

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