Accounting CS: Processing direct deposit with Kotapay

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Within Accounting CS, there are a few small differences when you setup and process direct deposit using Kotapay. This topic covers those differences and explains the steps you’ll need to follow when uploading your files to Kotapay.

Setup steps

Generally, you need to perform these steps only once.

  1. Establish an account with Kotapay. You can contact Kotapay by phone (866.431.9926) or online at
  2. Enter transmission information for the firm, which will be provided by Kotapay.
  3. Activate Kotapay integration for each of the appropriate clients by marking the ACH processed by Kotapay checkbox in the Direct Deposit tab of the Setup > Bank Accounts screen for each client.

Processing steps

  1. Print your checks as usual.
  2. Choose Actions > Process Direct Deposit. For clients set up for processing using Kotapay, unprocessed transactions show Kotapay in the Method column. Show me.
    Method column
  3. Create your ACH files. When the confirmation dialog displays to tell you that your ACH files have been created, click OK.
  4. In the Kotapay File Submission screen that automatically displays, verify that the information in the EFT Batch Summary list is accurate. If there are multiple files, you may need to use the Next and Back buttons to view all all of the files. Show me.
    Next and Back buttons
  5. Click the Submit File button to transmit the ACH file to Kotapay, or the Reject button if there is a problem with the files. Show me.

    If you have questions about submitted files, you can contact Kotapay at 866.431.9926.

    Submit or Reject buttons

Note: To help protect your company and your clients, effective November 17, 2022, Kotapay will no longer accept reversal ACH files. The Reversals/Adjustment Form must be submitted in place of the reversal ACH files. This will help eliminate any reversals sent in error from Accounting CS. To access the form, log in to If you have any questions about reversals, contact the Kotapay Returns Department at 800.378.3328 or

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