Editing 1099 form data

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

This procedure is to be followed if you want to override information that is automatically entered by the application based on retrieved transaction information, or if you want to process 1099 forms for recipients without affecting the client's General Ledger balances.

  1. Choose Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms.
  2. In the Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen, select the appropriate client from the client drop-down list at the top of the screen (if not already selected).
  3. Select 1099 from the Form type drop-down list and then select the specific 1099 type from the 1099 type drop-down list.
  4. Specify the year for the forms you want to edit by selecting it from the Year drop-down list.
  5. Click the Refresh button.
  6. Use the Form drop-down list to select the copy of the form that you want to display.
  7. Click the Recipient Data tab to view and edit information for individual recipients.
  8. Click the Client Data tab to view and edit any client information needed to fill out the form(s).


  • Use the navigation buttons Navigation buttons if you are editing data for more than 250 recipients.
  • Overrides remain indefinitely (quarter to quarter and year to year) until they are manually cleared. You can clear overrides in the Recipient Data and Client Data tabs by using the buttons at the top of the tab.
    • Clear Override. Clears the override in the field in which your cursor is placed.
    • Clear All Overrides. Clears all overridden fields displayed on the active tab. (Overridden fields are displayed in red or with a red outline.)
  • You have the option to clear form overrides and employee overrides in the Actions > Process Payroll Payroll Tax Forms screen prior to previewing or printing the forms.
  • You can add vendors on the fly in the Recipient Data tab by clicking the Add Vendor button.
  • The Edit Payroll Tax Forms toolbar has a number of additional buttons, which are shown here and explained in the following table. 


    Button Function
    Process client forms button Process client forms. Click this button to open the Process 1099 Forms dialog, where you can choose to print all or selected forms applicable to the active client.
    Print current form button Print current form. Click this button to print only the form currently displayed on the active tab to your default printer. Not generally used for processing forms, this button enables you to quickly print a hardcopy version for verification or other purposes.
    Penalty interest button Calculate penalty and interest. Calculates penalties and interest for all currently selected forms based on your current system date. The button remains active (green) until manually toggled off or until the application is closed.
  • The application populates the Account number field on Form 1099 with a unique account number to ensure that any Form 1099 corrections can be correctly tracked.  This field cannot be overridden on the form with another account number. For information on removing the account number from the 1099 form, refer to the Common 1099 processing questions article.

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