1099 form setup and processing

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

Setting up a vendor as a 1099 recipient

  1. Choose Setup > Vendors.
  2. Add the new vendor, and specify 1099 Recipient as the Vendor type in the Main tab.
  3. Click the 1099 Properties tab.
  4. In the 1099 Form Selection section, specify the type(s) of 1099 form the vendor should receive and the Box(es) to which the amounts should accumulate for reporting.


    • To make a form type and box selection the default in the Distributions tab of the Actions > Enter Transactions screen when you create checks for this vendor, mark the Default checkbox for that form.
    • If each transaction will require a separate 1099 filing for the selected form, mark the One Form Per Transaction checkbox for that form.
    • To have the application ignore the printing threshold and always print that form, mark the Always Print Form checkbox.
  5. Enter any other necessary information for this vendor (see Setting up vendors), and then save the vendor record.

Creating vendor checks for 1099 recipients

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Click the Add button and enter a check for the 1099 recipient.
  3. In the Distributions tab, select the 1099 type and box number combination from the drop-down list in the 1099 column. The list includes only the form types that are set up for this vendor in the Setup > Vendors > 1099 Properties tab.
  4. Click the Details button next to the selected 1099 form/box number combination.
  5. In the Form 1099 Details dialog, enter any additional detail required by the 1099 form and then click OK.
  6. Click Enter to save the check information.
  7. If this is an unprinted check, print the vendor check.

Note: When it's time to process and print 1099 forms, the application displays the check amounts on the specified 1099 forms and box numbers for both handwritten and printed checks for 1099 recipients.

Setting up an employee as a 1099-NEC recipient

  1. Choose Setup > Employees.
  2. Add the employee record and, in the Identification section of the Main tab, specify Independent Contractor in the Type field.
  3. Enter any other necessary information for the employee (see Adding employee information), click Enter to save the employee information. All earnings entered for this employee during payroll runs will display on the 1099-NEC form when it's time to process and print 1099 forms.

Processing 1099 forms

Note: The application stores up to seven total years of 1099 forms.

When you are ready to process and print 1099 forms, follow these procedures.

Editing 1099 form data (optional)

Printing 1099 forms

Processing Internet and magnetic files

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