Mailing or uploading your payroll tax forms

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

Once you have printed your paper forms and/or processed your internet files with the application, you will need to either mail or upload those returns to complete the filing process.

However you are filing forms, the Payroll Form and Filing Information portlet on the Home Dashboard provides lots of useful information.

Paper forms

If you are mailing forms to the taxing agencies, take advantage of the information in the Form Filing Addresses tab and the Agency Contact Information tab of the Payroll Form and Filing Information portlet on the Home Dashboard.

Internet files

Using AccuWage Online (W-2 forms only)

Prior to uploading your internet files to the SSA, you may find it useful to verify your W-2  files using the SSA AccuWage Online utility. You can access the utility for free via the Social Security Administration's website at AccuWage Online identifies the most common format errors in wage submissions. Using AccuWage Online is easy and it greatly reduces submission rejections.

Uploading your internet files to the appropriate agency

After creating the internet/magnetic media file, you must upload the file via the agency's website or mail the file on acceptable media to the agency to complete the filing process.

If you need to generate a transmittal worksheet to mail with a file on disk, you can use the Manage Files dialog within the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen to do so. List of forms that require a transmittal worksheet

  • District of Columbia: Form UC-30
  • Georgia: Form DOL-4N
  • Michigan: Form W-2 Copy 1
  • New Jersey: Form W-2 Copy 1
  • South Carolina: Form W-2 Copy 1
  • Tennessee: Form LB-0852 

We also offer an optional transmittal worksheet for Federal W-2 Copy A internet files that, although not required by the agency, may assist in preparation of W-2s.

  1. Choose Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files.
  2. Click the Manage Files button.
  3. In the Manage Files dialog, select the form for which you want to create the transmittal worksheet.
  4. Click the Preview Selected button with the Detailed Report format selected.
  5. Click the Print All Reports button.

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