Time Rack integration troubleshooting

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Time Rack provides a time, attendance, and human resources solution that enables employers to manage employee payroll information. Time Rack produces an XML time clock file that can be imported into the application to increase the efficiency of payroll check processing.

This topic provides troubleshooting information for common integration issues between Accounting CS and Time Rack.

When I try to create payroll checks for Time Rack clients in the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, nothing imports from Time Rack.

A message displays "There were no checks imported for this pay schedule. Do you want to continue with this pay schedule and let the system create checks?"

What should I do if I am prompted to update my employees' pay rates whenever I import a payroll batch?

While importing payroll checks, I received the error message "Unable to import checks because multiple timeclock files exist with the same date".

My client made a change to an employee record in Time Rack, but it is not appearing in Accounting CS. What could cause this?

I made changes to an employee record in Accounting CS, but my client isn't seeing the change in Time Rack. What could cause this?

Duplicate employees keep showing up in both Time Rack and Accounting CS.

Accruable benefit hours are mapping to the incorrect pay item. How do I change it so the benefits are mapped correctly?

I accidentally canceled the batch I was working on in Accounting CS. Now the Time Rack file isn’t importing.

  1. In Accounting CS, choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks, and select the pay schedule.
  2. When the payroll checks are created, click the Suspend Batch button.
  3. Select the pay schedule again, and then click the Cancel Batch button.
  4. Select the pay schedule once more, and the Time Rack file will import.

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Internal notes

Guid number. This is the unique identifier that is a randomly assigned to align clients between Accounting CS & Time Rack.  The length of the alpha/numeric number is typically 36.The customer can locate their GUID number in the Integration tab of the Setup > Clients screen. 

Example of a GUID number: 39f9e644-e90a-4217-bc60-4dc0d9bcadd2

Note: This field is only available when the Time Rack integration checkbox has been marked for the client.

If the customer receives the "Unable to import checks because multiple timeclock files exist with the same date" error message, follow the steps below.

  1. Have the customer locate their GUID number in the Integration tab of the Setup > Clients screen.
  2. Email the timeracksupport@thomsonreuters.com group with the Firm ID, ACS client ID, client GUID, and the details of the issue (either a request to delete the files or the error message).
  3. Let the customer know that it may take a few hours and that the original rep will follow up with them when the issue is resolved.

The TimeRack Leads team will clear all of the .POD files associated with a GUID, not specific ones. You'll need to have the customer resend the payroll file after this process is complete.

.POD files. These files contain all information being shared between the two applications.

Example of .POD file name: _TimeClock_3a5e73cf.pod or _updated_5b431548.pod

At this time, the same GUID number is assigned to the FIRM client in every ACS database. Since the GUID must be unique, a script from the generic scripts folder is required to update the FIRM client's GUID number. If all other options to begin the integration are unsuccessful, talk to a CF to obtain this script. Be sure you have the Firm name (from Flash) and FIRM client ID (from Accounting CS) when you visit the CF.

If Accounting CS is crashing repeatedly, email timeracksupport@thomsonreuters.com to have someone clear the POD file(s) that are causing the crash. Be sure to include the GUID number with your request.

Example: If there is an error message stating “Unable to import checks because multiple TimeClock files with the same date exist for this pay schedule. Please contact technical support for assistance.” email timeracksupport@thomsonreuters.com and ask them to delete the POD file in the background. Include the POD and Firm ID. This error is caused by the user saving and sending the file twice for the same payroll.

Internal Logins for Time Rack


Log in as: Manager

Email: cs.support@thomsonreuters.com

Password: TRsupport1