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In Accounting CS, a custom fieldview is a data-entry field with a drop-down list that you can customize by specifying the items to include in the list. Custom fieldviews are indicated by a vertical green line to the right of the drop-down arrow.

Custom fieldview

In custom fieldviews, you can either enter information manually or select an item from a list of entries. You can add items to the list of existing entries using any of the following methods.

  • Enter text in a custom fieldview and then press CTRL+S while the cursor is still in the field.
  • Enter text in a custom fieldview and with the cursor still in the field, right-click and choose Add from the context menu.
  • Right-click within a blank custom fieldview, and choose Edit from the context menu. In the Custom fieldview editor that opens, enter one or more items to add to the list.

To edit existing fieldview items, follow these steps.

  1. With your cursor in the custom fieldview, press CTRL+W (or right-click and choose Edit from the context menu).
  2. In the Custom fieldview editor, highlight the item to edit in the left pane and click Edit.
  3. In the right pane, make any necessary changes to the information.
  4. Click Enter to save your changes.

You can use the Custom fieldview editor to delete items from the fieldview. Follow the same steps to open the editor dialog, and highlight the item to delete and click Delete.

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