Creating list entries for custom fields

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Use the List Items grid in the Setup > Custom Fields screen to customize the items included in the drop-down list for a custom field.

To add list items for a new custom field, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Custom Fields, and then choose the data-entry screen for which you want to create the custom field:
  2. Enter a description for the application to display as the field label. The description must be unique and can contain up to 50 alphanumeric characters, including dashes, commas, apostrophes, slashes, and spaces.
  3. Select List from the drop-down list in the Type field.
  4. In the List items grid, enter both an item ID and description for each item to be available for selection from the drop-down list for the custom field.


    • The ID may contain only numbers and letters.
    • To remove a selected entry from the grid, click the Delete Delete button button.
  5. Click the Enter button to save your changes.

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