Bank Feeds - Import Statement File dialog

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If Accounting CS does not support a direct connection to your client's financial institution, or if you need to retrieve historical transactions that are outside the supported date range, you or your client can download the data to a file (OFX, QIF, QFX, or BAI2 format) and then import data from the file. Use this dialog to select the downloaded file and retrieve the data.

Follow these steps to open the Import Statement File dialog.

  1. In the Bank Feeds portlet, verify that the correct client is selected.
  2. Select the appropriate bank account, and then click the Import Statement File link.

Fields & buttons

You can enter the path and filename for the file to import, or you can click the Browse button to navigate to the appropriate location and select the file.

After you specify the file to import, click this button to display the transactions in the Bank Feeds portlet transactions grid. You can use the Search and Filter fields to narrow the list of transactions in the grid.

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