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The Export 1095-C Data screen enables you to export basic employee information to a template spreadsheet. The format of this spreadsheet matches the industry standard for 1095-C information, so your clients' health care providers will already be familiar with this format.

Choose File > Export > 1095-C Data.

Fields & buttons

The Client Selection grid lists all active clients for whom you can export a 1095-C template spreadsheet. You can limit the number of clients listed in the grid by Searching and filtering the data.

Click the Client Options button to open the Client Options dialog, where you can access employee filtering and sorting options for the export.

Click the Export button when you are ready to create the .xls files for the selected clients. The files will be created in the location specified in the Export to field at the top of the screen. This location can be modified only in the Setup > File Locations dialog.

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