Creating a 1095-C template spreadsheet

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We recommend that you use the 1095-C export feature to generate a template spreadsheet with basic employee information. The format of this spreadsheet matches the industry standard for reporting 1095-C information, so your clients' health care providers will be familiar with this format. Once the employees' 1095-C information has been added to the spreadsheet, you can import this data into Accounting CS via the 1095-C spreadsheet import.

Follow the steps below to create and export 1095-C template spreadsheets for your clients.


  • Accounting CS saves each template spreadsheet to the location specified in the Export to field at the top of the Export 1095-C Data screen. To specify a different location, choose Setup > File Locations, click the File Creation tab, and change the location in the 1095 C Data field. 
  • If your firm is using Virtual Office CS or Software As a Service (SaaS), the file is exported to the Y: Drive /Accounting CS data folder. You can download the file to your local computer by choosing File > Copy Files. For more information, see Copying files and folders from the Virtual Office CS server.
  1. Choose File > Export > 1095-C Data to open the Export 1095-C Data screen.
  2. Mark the checkbox for each client for which you want to export a template spreadsheet.
  3. If necessary, click the Ellipsis button in the Client Options column to specify filtering and sorting options for the employees. Click OK when finished.
  4. Click the Export button.

Note: The Electronic Statement Consent Indicator column and the Employee Detail Indicator column are included only for reference for the spreadsheet preparer. Leaving these columns blank will not impact the import or export of the spreadsheet. Show me.

Reference Columns

Alternate template spreadsheet options

Although we recommend that you use the export method explained above, the following two template spreadsheet options are also available.

Creating a custom template spreadsheet

You can create a customized template spreadsheet by using the Employee List 1095-C report that matches the template spreadsheet generated during export in the Export 1095-C Data screen. You can import this report and customize it in Report Designer to meet your needs. Once you are finished editing the report, you can export it from the Print Reports screen to an XLS file.

Download the Employee List 1095-C report.

Note: You must extract the report from the zip file prior to importing it into the Report Designer.

Using a blank template spreadsheet

You can also download a blank template spreadsheet. This template spreadsheet contains the same columns as the template spreadsheet available via export; however, the spreadsheet is not populated with employee data from any of your clients.

Download the 1095-C employee template spreadsheet.

Note: Within the template spreadsheet, you can view additional data-entry details for some columns. To do so, hover your cursor over the column headers displaying a red flag Excel comment flag in the corner.

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