Print Billing Invoices Options dialog

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Use the Print Billing Invoices Options dialog to specify the description, starting reference, and layout information for unprinted invoices listed in the Print Billing Invoices screen.

Choose File > Print Billing Invoices and then choose Edit > Options.

Fields & buttons

Enter a description to use for all invoices that are selected to print.

This field defaults to 1 the first time invoices are selected to print. This reference designates the reference to use on the first invoice selected to print. If the starting reference you enter begins or ends numerically, the application will increment the reference by one as is most logical for each subsequent invoice. If the starting reference is alphabetical text or has numerals preceded and followed by text, all client billing invoices will use the same reference (such as "December billing" for example).

From the drop-down list, select the invoice layout you want to use for the selected invoices.

If you are using bill-to clients (when multiple clients are billed to another client), you can mark this checkbox to print a separate invoice for each client for whom the fees were originally assessed, rather than combining fees on one invoice for the bill-to client.

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