Printing billing invoices

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When you are ready to send billing invoices to your clients for the services you have provided, use the File > Print Billing Invoices screen to print the invoices. Here you can view the details of each individual invoice and choose which ones to print.

This procedure is for printing invoices to bill your clients for the services you provide. To print customer invoices (to bill your clients' customers) through the Accounts Receivable service, follow the steps in the Printing customer invoices and statements topic.

  1. Choose File > Print Billing Invoices and click the Unprinted tab. This tabbed page lists the outstanding billing invoices for all clients.
  2. If you want to use the fee date as the invoice date for the billing invoices that you are printing, mark the Use fee date as invoice date checkbox. Otherwise, the invoice date defaults to the system date. You can choose to print separate invoices per fee date, by marking the Separate invoice per fee date checkbox.

    Note: You can override these options for individual billing invoices by entering a different date for the invoice in the Date column of the grid.

  3. If you need to change the description, starting reference, or layout information for the selected invoices, choose Edit > Options to open the Print Billing Invoices Options dialog and make your changes.

    Note: The description, reference, and layout that you specify in this dialog apply to all invoices that are selected to print in the Unprinted tab of the Print Billing Invoices screen. To modify this information for an individual invoice, click the Ellipsis button in the Override column for that invoice. This opens the Override Invoice Information dialog, where you can specify the information to print for that invoice only.

  4. Click the Plus sign next to each client ID to view the individual items included in each invoice. By marking and clearing checkboxes, you can choose which fees to include in each invoice.

    Note: If a fee includes delivery and/or a discount (as specified in the Fee Selection grid in the Setup > Clients > Billing tab), the related fee will be displayed directly below the billing fee. When you unmark the billing fee, all the related fees below it will automatically be unmarked, but you can unmark the discount or delivery fee and include only the billing fee on the invoice.

  5. In the Date column, enter or modify the date to use as the date for the selected invoices. By default, the application enters the system date.
  6. If you need to add a one-time or on demand fee to a client's billing invoice, click the Add Fee button to open the Add Fee dialog, and then enter the applicable information for the fee.
  7. To save all updated invoice information, click the Enter button. To print all invoices with marked checkboxes, click the Print Selected button.
  8. In the Print dialog, choose the desired output for the invoices (printer, file, and so forth), and then click OK.
  9. After the invoices have been printed, the application displays a message prompt asking if all invoices printed correctly.

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