Final Statement dialog (Form 94x)

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If you are preparing to file a final return for a client, use the Final Statement dialog to populate the form with the necessary information.

Choose Setup > Clients, click the Payroll Taxes tab, in the Forms section click the Additional Information button, and in the Electronic Filing section, click the Final statement button.

Note: To mark the Final Return field on payroll tax forms, the client must also have an inactive date in the same period as the form being processed.

Type of final return. Choose the reason this will be the final return (Closed, Sale, or Transfer).

Change date. Enter the date on which the new information takes effect. This field is only available when Sale or Transfer is selected in the Type of final return field.

Name, Address, City, State, ZIP. Enter the client contact information to include with the final return.

This section is only available when Sale or Transfer is selected in the Type of final return.

Owner's Name. Enter the name of the new owner of the business.

Business Name. Enter the new name of the business.

Business Type. Choose the type of the business (None, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation).

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