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This feature enables users who are running Accounting CS in the Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS) environment to copy files from the server environment to a folder location on a local network. This feature enables you to share files and copy them locally as needed.

Choose File > Copy Files.

Fields & buttons

The following files that are created in Accounting CS can be copied from the server environment to a local folder.

  • 1095 C Data
  • Direct deposit/ACH (Files)
  • EFTPS (Files)
  • Impound reconciliation adjustments (Files)
  • Internet/Magnetic (Folder)
  • New hire reporting (Files)
  • Payroll journal entry (Files)
  • Positive Pay (Files)
  • SSN/TIN Verification (Files)

Browse to the location of the folder or file that you want to copy.


  • It is necessary in some instances to copy the whole folder structure instead of copying just one file at a time to avoid files of the same name from being mistakenly overwritten. When you select a file type, the <File/Folder> to copy field indicates that either a File or Folder is required. When copying folders, the folder listed in the Folder to copy path and all subfolders are copied.
  • The Data Location path and the value specified in the Folder to copy field are defined on the File Creation tab of the Setup > File Locations dialog.

Browse to a location on your local network to choose the destination for the folders/files to copy from the server environment.

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