Segment Selections dialog

Alerts and notices

Use the Segment Selections dialog to filter the list of segment codes to include in the active accounting report, financial statement, or customized trial balance view. You can create account segments for the client in the Setup > Account Segments screen in Accounting CS. Account segments are used to divide accounts for reporting purposes in the Report Designer and in the Enter Trial Balance screen. Some common segments include those for locations, departments, units, funds, projects, and many more.

From the Report Designer

In the Report Designer, select the appropriate accounting report or financial statement. In the design grid, highlight a cell or column and then click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button next to the Segments field in the Cell or Column Properties section of the Design Tools frame.

From the Enter Trial Balance screen

  1. For a client that contains segmented accounts, choose Setup > Enter Trial Balance, and then click the View Maintenance link at the top of the screen.
  2. In the View Maintentance dialog, click Edit, and with Column A: Account Number selected in the Column order grid, click the Segment option to include in the trial balance, and then click the Ellipsis button.

Fields & buttons

When you select Segment Code from the drop-down list in the Segment filter field, the application displays another drop-down list with filter options — is and is in the list.

Note: You must use the is filter for multiple segment codes.

  1. Select is to select a single segment. (For example, select Segment Code, then is, and then Location 1.), and then click OK.
  2. Click the Ellipsis button next to the Segments field to reopen the dialog and repeat step 1 by clicking the Add Add button button to include additional locations, and then click OK.

To clear an existing filter criterion, click the Delete Delete button button next to the appropriate filter line.

Click this button to clear all segment filters that were set up in this dialog.

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