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In Accounting CS, you can use account segments to define the client's Chart of Accounts. Examples of account segments include Locations, Departments, Units, Funds, Projects, Cost Centers, Activities, and so forth. The Account Segments screen enables you to define and add account segments (excluding the core account).

You can access this dialog using either of the following methods.

Choose Setup > Account Segments.

For a client with a segmented Chart of Accounts mask and a non-core segment designated as the primary segment, open the Setup > Clients screen, click the Accounting Information tab, and click the Edit button for Balance Definitions. In the Balance Definitions dialog, mark the Round by segment checkbox and then click the Assign accounts button.

Special information

  • You can add account segments on the fly from the Setup > Clients > Account Mask tab by entering a unique segment name in the Chart of Accounts Mask grid. When you save the client record, the new segment is automatically added to the Setup > Account Segments screen.
  • You can add account codes on the fly from the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen by entering a unique code for a segment in the Account number field. When you save the account, the new code (without a description) is automatically added to the Code grid in the Account Segments screen. You can go back and add the code description at any time.
  • You cannot delete an account segment if one or more accounts use that segment.

Fields & buttons

  • Description. Enter a unique segment description of up to 50 alphanumeric characters.
  • Mask. Enter the mask segment using only the following characters.
    Symbol Character
    A Alpha characters only
    # Numeric characters only
    X Any character, separator, or space


    • All characters in a segment must be the same. (For example, XXXX or #####.)
    • The maximum length for each segment depends on the length of the mask and any preceding segments in the mask. The maximum mask length is 60 characters. As you add segments, the number of available characters decreases. For example, for a 60-character mask, if Segment 1 is XXX and Segment 2 is ##### the maximum length for Segment 3 is 52.
  • Chart of Accounts Mask link. You can click this link at any time to view or edit the client's Chart of Accounts mask in the Setup > Clients > Account Mask tab.

Use the Codes grid to enter the account codes associated with this segment. The length and type of characters used in the code must correspond to the length and type of characters used in the mask segment. The codes you enter in this grid are available for selection in the Select Codes dialog.

If a particular segment is no longer being used, mark the checkbox in the Inactive column for that code. You can change the code status back to active at any time by clearing the Inactive checkbox.

If the Round by segment checkbox is marked in the Balance Definitions dialog, the Codes grid includes columns for Asset Rounding, Liability Rounding, and Income Statement Rounding accounts. Select the rounding accounts for each segment as applicable.

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