Adding workpapers from an existing binder

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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

Use the following steps to add workpapers into an engagement binder from an existing binder in the current client or from another client's binder via the Add Workpaper Wizard

  1. Right-click a folder in the Engagement Binders Tree portlet in which to copy workpapers from another binder, and then choose Add Workpaper to open the Add Workpaper Wizard.
  2. In the Workpaper Type screen of the wizard, select Existing Engagement Binder from the drop-down list in the Source field.
  3. In the Client Selection section, select a client from which to copy workpapers.
  4. In the Binder Selection section, select an engagement binder from the Binder field.
  5. Mark the checkbox next to each workpaper that you want to copy into the current binder, and then click Next.

    Note: Because custom Excel workpapers are linked to the client in which they are created, and PPC's SMART Practice Aids documents are linked via the SMART binder that is linked to the specific client's engagement binder, neither of these items are available for selection.

  6. Enter a reference, edit the name, and update any other information in the Workpaper Properties screen, as needed.
  7. Click Finish to copy the selected workpapers into the current engagement binder.

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