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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

The Add Workpaper wizard enables you to add several different types of workpapers and documents that range from Microsoft Excel workpapers and other files recognized in the Microsoft Windows environment, as well as scanned images or documents from a connected WIA- or TWAIN-compliant devices, including mobile devices.

Use one of the following methods to add a workpaper to the engagement binder.

In the Engagement Binders Tree portlet on the Workpapers Dashboard, right click an engagement binder briefcase, folder, or workpaper, and then choose Add Workpaper, or click the Add Workpaper button in the toolbar at the top of the portlet.

From an application that is installed in the same environment as Accounting CS Workpapers, use the Workpapers CS print driver to print a document directly to the engagement binder.

Drag and drop emails from Microsoft Outlook, or documents from your local file system and connected network locations directly into the engagement binder.

Sources for adding documents and workpapers

Acceptable file types

There is no limit to the number of workpapers that you can add to the engagement binder. You can add any of the following types of files.

Icon File type File extension
Excel icon Microsoft Excel xls, xlsx, xlsm
Word icon Microsoft Word doc, docx, docm, mht
Access icon Microsoft Access mdb, accdb
Outlook icon Microsoft Outlook msg
PowerPoint icon Microsoft PowerPoint ppt, pptx, pptm
Visio icon Microsoft Visio vsd
Text icon Workpapers CS reports A best practice is to add a Workpapers CS report to the engagement binder by printing the reports using the Workpapers CS print driver. For details, see Installing and using the Workpapers CS print driver.
Adobe Reader icon Adobe Reader file pdf
text icon Text workpapers txt
HTML icon HTML workpapers htm, html
XML icon XML workpapers xps, xml
graphics icon Graphics bmp, emf, gif, jpg, png, wmf
generic icon Generic workpaper This icon is displayed when the source application is not recognized or supported by Accounting CS Workpapers.
smart icon PPC SMART Practice Aids SMART Practice Aids (visible when the workpaper is linked via the PPC tab in Setup > Engagement Binder screen).

Note: The following confirmation dialog is displayed if you are adding a workpaper with the same name as an existing workpaper. You can click Yes to replace the existing workpaper, click No to add the workpaper as a new one without replacing the original, or Cancel to close the dialog.

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