Roll forward a linked SMART Practice Aids engagement from Accounting CS Workpapers

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For licensed users of Accounting CS Workpapers

The ability to roll forward SMART Practice Aids engagements that are linked to from Workpapers CS is a multi-step process that enables you to carry forward engagement documents at the same time in both applications. The Roll Forward process can take place any time during the engagement workflow, but is usually performed after work in the engagement binder has been Finalized, or is close to completion. The current engagement binder is used as a template to create next year's engagement binder.

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  • You must have PPC's SMART Practice Aids installed with the Fieldwork module to link engagements and workpapers from SMART Practice Aids to an engagement binder in Accounting CS Workpapers.
  • You must advance the client to the next Fiscal Year to include the next year's dates in the new engagement binder.
  • The Roll Forward can only be performed by staff members who have the appropriate privilege assigned to them. For details about security in the application, see Security overview.

There are several ways to initiate the Roll Forward process.

Click the Roll Forward Roll Forward button button in the toolbar of the Engagement Binders Tree portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard.

In the Workpapers Dashboard, right-click the Engagement Binder Briefcase in the tree view of the Engagement Binders Tree portlet and choose Roll Forward.

Click the Roll Forward button in the Engagement Binders screen.

Use the following steps initiate a the Roll Forward process for SMART Practice Aids documents in Accounting CS Workpapers.

  1. In the New Engagement Binder Properties screen of the Roll Forward wizard, name the engagement binder, define the period ending date, beginning, and ending date, and click Next.


    • You can mark the Retain workpaper assignments checkbox when you have already set up staff in the previous engagement binder and want to keep those same assignments in the engagement binder that is rolled forward.
    • You can mark the Public entity checkbox when the engagement type is Audit.
  2. In the Workpaper Settings screen, select the roll forward setting for each workpaper (Replace - SMART Practice Aids is listed by default for SMART Practice Aids documents). Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  3. Click Finish in the Roll Forward Wizard to complete the Roll Forward process in Workpapers CS.
  4. Click Close to exit the Roll Forward Wizard in Accounting CS and launch SMART Practice Aids. You can also click Print to print the Roll Forward Diagnostic prior to closing the wizard.
  5. In SMART Practice Aids, choose how to roll forward the engagement, and click Next. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  6. Select the Engagement Date and make any other modifications to the new engagement name or Practice Aid edition, as necessary, and then click Next. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  7. Select the SMART Practice Aids modules and external engagement management software (Workpapers CS is default), and then click Next.
  8. Select the areas in the engagement that are carried forward to the new engagement, and then click Next.
  9. Review the current roll forward settings for the workpapers marked for inclusion in the new engagement, modify those settings as needed, and then click Next.
  10. Click the Rollforward button to begin the Roll Forward process.
  11. Click the Finish button to complete the Roll Forward process. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  12. Click the Create SMART Docs Now button to create the SMART documents in the new engagement. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  13. Select the SMART documents to create read-only images that exist at the time of creation, for use outside of SMART Practice Aids, and then click the Create button. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  14. Click Yes to save the SMART documents and automatically start the generation process. Show me.

    roll forward smart practice aids
  15. Click Close when the Roll Forward process is complete in SMART Practice Aids and to begin re-linking documents to the new engagement binder that was rolled forward in Accounting CS Workpapers.

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