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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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The Master Client Data (MCD) is a compilation of all engagement workpapers and documents, and is controlled by the staff in charge of the engagement. Sections of the Master Client Data can be assigned to specific staff members assigned by the staff in charge to work on in the field. These files are sent by the staff in charge via transfer file to a staff member's workstation or laptop in the field.

See also: Send Documents [Tasks menu]

  • Excel and Word documents in the Master Client Data (MCD) that have been assigned and checked out to a staff member in the field (Local Client Data) can be opened in the MCD as read-only in their native applications. To open a checked-out document in the MCD, highlight the document in the Tree View window, choose Edit > Open (Read-Only) or right-click and choose the same option from the context menu.
  • The name of the assigned staff member for the checked out workpaper or document is listed in the Assigned column of the Tree View window until they are checked-in again.

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